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Letter to the Editor: Growing concerns around Ontario license plates

Letter to the Editor: Growing concerns around Ontario license plates

As an Ontarian, you know of the “Yours to Discover” license plates. You know, the blue-on-white reflective sheet license plates that have been heavily distributed and can be seen affixed among the majority of vehicles on our roads. This is given its more than two decade-long tenure in Ontario’s automotive history since the plates were issued to Ontario drivers in […]

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BREAKING: Ontario Divisional Court rules Doug Ford’s Student Choice Initiative “unlawful”

The Student Choice Initiative, which was announced by Premier Doug Ford in January, was met with intense backlash and concern surrounding the future of campus newspapers and other student services that would be considered “non-mandatory” ancillary fees that students would have the ability to opt-out of when paying for their tuition. The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and the York […]

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Ford government slashing tuition by 10 per cent will cost students

The Ontario government has officially announced a series of upcoming changes to Ontario student’s tuition fees, the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and structure of the formerly mandatory ancillary fee framework, which will be affecting post-secondary students in the new year. A news release published on Jan. 17, 2019 by the Ontario government, entitled “Government for the People to Lower […]

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Buck a beer isn’t as popular with breweries

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has garnered both praise and controversy regarding his decision to work towards lowering beer prices to just one dollar, an announcement which he has been proud to stand by since it was released. One criticism surrounding the ‘buck-a-beer’ campaign has been voiced by many local breweries who have seen this as an impractical policy to follow […]

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Why your vote really matters in this election

With the provincial election right around the corner, the fate of our province and its leadership will be placed in the hands of the Ontarians who actually show up to the voting polls on June 7 — and that can be a daunting thought. According to the Toronto Star, Ontario’s election turnouts are at an all time low  — with […]

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