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Graphic by Lena Yang

CCI pushes for graduated students to stay in Ontario

A new proposal created by the Council of Canadian Innovators (CCI) has been making waves in the higher education sector, in hopes that students who leave for jobs in countries like the United States will reimburse tax payers for their post-secondary education. Originally reported in June by The Globe and Mail, those pushing for the proposal are high-tech CEOs and […]

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Graphic by Lena Yang / File Photo

Unsigned: the CCI’s plans to keep knowledge in Ontario

The Council of Canadian Innovators’ discussion of charging Ontario students who leave the province after graduation is worrying, angering and also an example of regressive ideology. By restricting Ontario students, does that mean that they also want special job privileges for those graduated from Ontario universities? Or do they just want us to sit around unemployed while students who aren’t […]

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