Swifties Invade Football 


Taylor Swift at a game

Football and Taylor Swift. Two subjects that typically exist in separate universes, the only exception being when she rejects participating in the Superbowl halftime show. Recently, this changed when the internet exploded with rumors about the musical icon reportedly starting a relationship with Kansas City Chief’s tight end, Travis Kelce.  

Taylor Swift at a game
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This all began when, on a podcast with his brother, Kelce talked about how he attended a Taylor Swift concert and was disappointed when he could not give Taylor a bracelet he had made for her with his phone number on it. While initially viewed as little more than silly banter by fans, this changed when rumors of an actual relationship between the pair began to gain traction, only intensifying when it was announced that Swift would be attending the Chief’s next game.  

On Sept. 24, playing at home against the Bears, Swift cheered on as the Chiefs walloped their opponents 41-10. Kelce played well with seven catches for sixty-nine yards, including one touchdown. The production team routinely cut to Swift in the stands for her elated reactions. 

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the NFL to bring more fans to the game, maybe they show her a little too much at the Chiefs games, but I get why they do it.” 

Noah Luden, an avid football fan and Taylor Swift fan.

Swift’s effect on the NFL went beyond the mere discussion of fans. By the next day, Kelce found his social media following had increased by over 300,000 followers, and his merchandise sales had skyrocketed by over 400%. 

Swift would also be present for the Chief’s next week’s home game against the Jets. The Chiefs only managed to win by the skin of their teeth, edging out a 23-20 victory. In their most recent game, Swift didn’t join the team for their road game against the Minnesota Vikings, but the Chiefs escaped with a win regardless, 27-20. Naturally, without Swift in attendance, Kelce suffered a non-contact injury during the game, though he did eventually return and score a touchdown. 

“Any press is good press, right? Swifties around the world are watching now. I’ll always welcome new football fans.”

It’s difficult to deny the tangible difference Swift fans are making in NFL viewership. The Chief’s game against the Jets was the most-viewed football game since the last Superbowl. Regarding demographics, 53% more teenage girls tuned in for Sunday night football than last season. Female viewership overall rose by 35% for the game.  

What can be learned from this exciting and still developing story? Maybe it’s that if you want your popularity to rise and to be the subject of more discourse, all you need is to become closely associated with an international superstar with a legion of adoring fans. Who would’ve thought it was that easy? 

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