Super Bowl XLV: A little bit of everything

The 2011 Super Bowl, held in what is being deemed as “Jerry’s World”, was a mixture of weird, sadness, celebration, and ultimately, a champion and a loser.

The week leading up to the big game in Arlington, just outside of Dallas, was strange in the sense that there was unprecedented weather throughout the region.

With the state of Texas not being overly prepared for such cold conditions, transportation became an immediate issue with cars spinning off of the roads, sidewalks being icy, and flights being delayed.

Twitterverse had a feeding frenzy on the state of mess all over Texas, even prompting DeSean Jackson to skip the Super Bowl festivities. “Flight got cancelled** not headn to Dallas any more!! O well bac up on my Buizness!!”.

Jackson was one of many people that were unable to arrive in Texas to celebrate the Steelers and Packers success, and ultimately add some excitement to the pregame festivities.

However, the storm did cause some serious distraught, as there were 6 people hospitalized after falling ice from Cowboys stadium left them injured.

But finally, after a week of events including media day and the announcement of the Hall of Fame class for 2011, there was a football game to be played.

Sunday’s big event started off weird, with Christina Aguilera miraculously finding a way to screw up the lyrics to the US anthem. This was followed by some poor reporting by FOX that some 400 fans had been told that their tickets were not valid, because the local fire department ruled the additional seating to be a safety hazard.

Once the game started, it was as exciting as any Super Bowl in recent memory. There was the typical Packers aerial attack we had grown accustomed to over the course of the season, and somehow the Steelers kept finding a way to hang around despite early turnovers and an inability to stop the potent Green Bay offense.

The turning point of the game came when Clay Matthews made a perfect tackle on Steelers back Rashard Mendenhall, forcing a fumble and ultimately steeling back the momentum from Pittsburgh.

The Steelers got one last attempt with 2 minutes to go and 87 yards needed, but Big Ben and gang were unable to muster up the necessary magic, as their attempt failed around midfield.

With the Packers coming out on top, they bring the Vince Lombardi trophy back to “Title Town”, and win their franchise’s 4th Super Bowl title.