Students warn others of voyeurs in the university area


Students are using Spotted at Laurier, the anonymous submissions account on Twitter, to report on threats of voyeurism in the university area.

One submission from a student on July 10 stated that a man was caught pleasuring himself outside of their house on Fir Street at 3 a.m. 

“The police were called and he was charged, but ultimately let go until his court date. Please keep an eye out if you are in the area. He is not allowed to be within 500 meters of Fir Street,” read the statement

Another submission urged young women in the university area to be aware of such incidents, as one student and her roommate found a man peering into their window back in April.

“The police never found fingerprints but outside my window was a cinder block to stand on and the screen had been cut out where I saw his face,” the statement read. 

“At the time the police said they had no other cases like this and thought it was targeted.” 

Another submission on Spotted at Laurier stated that they believe these incidents are unconnected, and that there are two perpetrators in the area. 

This is not the first time that acts of voyeurism have occurred in the area, with a recent incident being reported on by The Cord in Feb. 2019. 

Other incidents of voyeurism reported by The Cord date back to 2013.

“Laurier needs to do something about the men going around campus peeping and pleasuring themselves to girls. I don’t feel comfortable anymore and the Waterloo police aren’t doing much either, this has been happening constantly for over a year now. Enough is enough,” read one statement on Twitter. 

We are actively investigating this incident, as well as other incidents reported in the area. We have been & will continue to proactively patrol the area. Asking anyone with information to call police or @WaterlooCrime. Please report any suspicious activity to police immediately,” said Waterloo Regional Police Department in a Twitter statement

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