Students’ Union holds open forum and debate for election season


The four candidates campaigning for the position of president and CEO of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Students’ Union have been busy running their campaign and attending events throughout the past week.

Candidates running for the role are Ali Saghari, Tarique Plummer, Idris Omar Hassan and Ryley Fletcher.

On Wednesday Jan. 24, all candidates were present at the Waterloo Open Forum.

The event took place in the Concourse and allowed candidates running for Students’ Union president, board of directors, board of governors, senate — as well as WLUSP candidates running for board of directors and president — to answer questions and speak about their platforms.

All presidential candidates answered questions from mediators, from the audience and from Twitter users.

Questions posed to candidates ranged from platform specific inquiries, questions about Students’ Union policies and regulations, queries about experience and skills that would be brought to the position as well as questions relating to relationships on campus.

Few candidates running for board of directors were present at the Waterloo Open Forum.

Those present to answer questions included Owen Bourrie, Christopher Donnelly, Adam Kovacs, Kawuki Jerome Lukwago and Shukan Shah.

All other candidates did not attend the forum.

With an entirely new set of candidates running for board of directors this year, those present were asked about their prior experience and how they would contribute to the success of the board.

Candidates were also asked about any knowledge they currently inhibited surrounding board polices and regulations.

The next day, all four candidates were present at the Waterloo presidential debate which took place on Jan. 25 in the Concourse.

Candidates were able to address and discuss various controversial topics that have been taking place throughout the Laurier campus.

For example, candidates were asked their opinion on the situation surrounding Lindsay Shepherd and how they would have responded to the incident, if president.

Candidates were also asked to address whether they believed the Shepherd incident hindered Laurier’s reputation as a school.

In addition, various candidates were asked to speak on behalf of their platform and the feasibility of many of the ideas and visions they hope to pursue during their tenure if elected.

The 2018 campaign season officially ended on Tuesday Jan. 30 at 7:30 a.m. and the voting period began 30 minutes later at 8 a.m.

Voting will take place until Feb. 1 and successful candidates will be announced at Wilf’s Election Night this coming Thursday.

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