Students’ Union 2016 Director Platforms

Stephanie Bellotto onlineStephanie Bellotto

I’m a third year Political Science Student seeking election to the Board of Directors. As a director, I will monitor the President through Executive Limitations and policy governance, develop the long-term strategic direction of the organization, and engage in critical discussion. I want to ensure greater communication with the student body and I will do this by participating in Board related events and inform members of the affairs of the board. I will voice student concerns through accurate feedback mechanisms and be accountable to members.

Having been involved around campus with Laurier Law Society, Her Campus, Intramurals, I bring a holistic approach to the table. I have experience in policy as I have worked for a lawyer writing affidavits, analyzing documents and providing advice to clients. I will utilize my past skills which are relevant towards this position. I look forward to working in a team environment with other directors.

jamie Bradshaw onlineJamie Bradshaw

Hello, my name is Jamie Bradshaw and I am a second year BBA student here at the Lazaridis School of Business.  I am running to be on the Students’ Union Board of Directors.  Laurier has given me so much, and I feel like this is a great opportunity to give back to the Laurier community.  Last year I swam on the varsity swim team here at Laurier.  It is a true honour to be able to represent your school in something you love.  That team opened my eyes as to what it is like to be a true golden hawk and the spirit and community we have here at Laurier. I would like to continue this honour of representing Laurier’s undergraduate community by voicing your concerns. Upon being elected for Director of the Board I will see to it that no voice goes unheard.  Thank you.

ThanisaChandranThanisa Chandran

My name is Thanisa Chandran. I’m in second year Law and Society. My interest in policy research encouraged me to run for board of directors. It’s come to my attention that not a lot of students are informed on what the board of directors does. The board of directors is the governing body of the Students Union that holds the president accountable. If elected, one of my main goals will be to make the student body more aware of the role of board of directors, board resources, and recruit more students with similar interests who are interested in joining the board. Having built relationships with many students from both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses gives me the opportunity to advocate on behalf of all students no matter the campus.

Harry Choi onlineHarry Choi

As a fellow Golden Hawk, I have fallen in love with Wilfrid Laurier University and its culture. Feeling so welcomed by its environment, my goal is to tie Laurier together with its student body by running for the Board of Directors.

My name is Harry Choi and I am a second year Business Administration student. With my relevant skills and experiences, I wish to help implement several improvements that I would strive towards if elected. Firstly, I would address the lack of study spaces available during midterms and final examinations. I wish to efficiently utilize Laurier’s campus to its most resourceful capacity to help everyone with their academic endeavours. Secondly, I wish to increase the transparency between Laurier’s executives and its student body. As the Board of Directors, I would be representative of the undergraduate population and will ensure that its opinions and concerns are voiced fairly.

MattDeSumma onlineMatt DeSumma

My name is Matt DeSumma and I’m a Law & Society and Human Rights student seeking re-election on the Students’ Union Board of Directors.

Coming into this position, I ensured that I would use my role as a Director to create a stronger presence of the Board in school functions and medias, as well as mend the communication gap between campuses.  I have demonstrated this over my term by promoting multi-campus cooperation and through my involvement in many Board committees, including the Ownership Linkage and Board Vision committees.

However, my work is not done.  If re-elected, I aim to further carry out my past promises, but also bring on some new ones.  This includes: taking more of a leadership approach with the Board; holding the board accountable for their actions (especially in regards to social media practices); and further promoting the multi-campus initiative—advocating for Laurier students from all environments.

NickDeSumma onlineNick DeSumma

My name is Nick DeSumma and I am a Concurrent Education and Human Rights student seeking re-election on the Students’ Union Board of Directors. Over the past year, I have had the privilege to serve as Vice Chair of the Board. It is the knowledge, experience, and leadership I have gained that led me to seek re-election for a third term. If re-elected, I plan on pursuing the role of Chair of the Board and Chief Governance Officer.

If successful, I will work to increase transparency from the Board to students through marketing and providing updates, as well as ensuring that all Board members have their opinions heard before making decisions. I also intend to work closely with the departments to increase feedback from the Board.

If re-elected, I will continue to be a passionate, vocal, and dedicated member of the Board, advocating that all Laurier students are well represented.

Jacob Driver onlinwJake Driver

I wish to work with the existing nature of the previous Directors, which is to further the inclusive and progressive nature of our campuses here at Laurier, while at the same time staying true to our foundation as a University. I believe that promoting an environment that allows for flourishing personal and academic growth aids all who share in the experience. Through this and the intellectual pursuit of broadening our horizons I hope that we all will be able to take not just memories from Laurier and we all can leave our positive mark on a campus that has positively fostered our personal development. This is what I will work to accomplish if elected to the Board of Directors.

Faraz IftekharuddinFaraz Iriekharuddin online

At Laurier I have worked with The Cord, foot patrol and the Indian students association; yet, I do not base my platform on experience. Experience alone does not always guarantee passion and right intention.

With your help I hope to ensure the pursuit for the best interest of the Laurier community in both Brantford and Waterloo. I am excited to build greatly on the kind of Student – Board relationship already present but one which can be further extended. Transparency and accountability are more than buzzwords and cannot be addressed simply through open board meetings, rather, opening up the board itself.  There are only a few who actually know what the board does. If we do not know what or who the board is, how then is accountability perfected? I want to help keep the president in check and ensure not limitations present to ensure students’ wellbeing are not violated.

*Disclaimer: Faraz Iftekharuddin is an opinion columnist for The Cord

Kevin Jang

Kevin Jang online

My platform made of three central pillars that I will strive to maintain if elected to the Board of Directors. My first pillar is Accountability. The Students’ Union and its members should make sure that their student body is represented fairly and resources of the Students’ Union are used to benefit the students of Laurier. My second pillar is Transparency. I want the students of Laurier to trust their student government. Staying connected with the student body and informing you of issues and current events of the Students’ Union will begin to earn this trust. Finally, my third pillar is Progression. My biggest goal is to see this school grow. I will conduct myself as a Laurier Director to think long-term, and create a foundation that present and future students can be proud of. If elected, these are the values I will uphold, and the values you should vote for.

Shannon Kelly onlineShannon Kelly

My name is Shannon Kelly and I am a second year BBA student. This past year I have worked as the Board Secretary for the Students’ Union, and through this I have developed a passion for the organization. Using the knowledge I have gained over the year, I believe I possess the necessary skills to become an effective Director.

If elected, I have three main goals: first, I would like to advocate for student experience by holding the president accountable to their promises; secondly, I would like to help improve communication between the Students’ Union and students; and thirdly, I plan to push for and promote a multi-campus effort.

Laurier is my home and has given so much to me. With your votes, I can give back to the Laurier community and help improve our (already amazing) institution!

Hubert Lee online

Hubert Lee

I have been a Residence Life Don, a Students’ Union Volunteer, a club member under Lazaridis Student Society, and currently the Coordinator for the First Year Project. By running for Board of Directors, I will use my diverse experiences to ensure that the Union continues to be forward looking and grow as an organization.

My platform highlights the following: ensuring diverse groups of students are always considered in strategic decisions through my experiences and outreach events, ensuring that all investments spent by all departments of the Union align with the ends, and using my experience to reach out and connect to students informing them about Union decisions.

I will accomplish this by using my experience and reach to encourage students to be more interested in the Union. In doing so I can help the Union continue to deliver the best student experience, and to empower students to achieve more.

Mynt onlineMynt Marsellus

In my four years at Laurier, I’ve seen a huge cross section of the life and opportunities available to us all. From House Council in first year to donning in second, working at both the SI centre and The Cord, and volunteering through Foot Patrol and campus clubs I’ve been incredibly fortunate in the diversity of my experience here. I want to bring that experience to the Board of Directors and help more students succeed at Laurier. The Students’ Union Board of Directors has a lot of potential to influence the lives of students whether that be through the allocation of the budget to the research done in its committees, as well as keeping the President accountable in their role. With my experience at the school, I can promise that I’ll ask the right questions to keep the Students’ Union working for everyone.

*Disclaimer: Mynt Marsellus is the Multimedia Director for The Cord

Genelle Martin onlineGenelle Martin

My name is Genelle Martin and my platform circles around 2 topics, mental health and first year engagement. The frustrating reality at Laurier is that many first year students are totally uninterested or unaware of the Students’ Union, and how it works. I’ve seen it first hand being a part of Residence Life. By getting students involved earlier, we will likely increase the turnout in elections, while also increasing the passion and connection generated early on for the Students’ Union. Secondly, mental health should continue to be a priority of the Students’ Union. The well being of students extends far beyond physical pain. Mental health is a serious topic that must be properly addressed because it affects everyone differently. There is a direct link between mental health and school performance, which means the Students’ Union must continue to work to make the lives of every student more comfortable.

Nick Molkoski onlineNick Molkoski

I am a BBA student seeking election to the Board of Directors. As a Director, I will hold the President accountable to their executive limitations and prioritize the ends when making decisions.

As former Student Trustee for the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association (OSTA), I have experience at the board table representing 36,000 students in Niagara. Working with OSTA, I have seen modifications to policies and curriculums on behalf of students.

Likewise, I intend to see policies modified and created with the Board’s Policy committee(s) to ensure the needs of students are met. Building on the work of this year’s Ownership Linkage Committee, I want to see further outreach to students for feedback and improved publications of the Board’s and Students’ Union’s actions.

Currently, I am the Chair of House Council, a member of Waterloo Residence Council and once elected, I will represent the voices of students in Brantford and Waterloo.

Tarique PlummerTarique Plummer online

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ The name is Plummer, Tarique Plummer and I am one of your candidates for the Senate and Board of Directors.

My strong dedication to the Laurier community has fuelled my desire to contribute in an even greater way. I strongly believe that you should elect me because of three core reasons and remember, the choice is ultimately yours:

1. I will make it my priority to ensure fiscal accountability and transparency within the Students’ Union body.

2. I have the best interest of the students at heart and will passionately argue for and promote academic modifications that will enhance the student experience.

3. lastly, to be analytical, direct, and rationale about all decisions brought to the board and senate while putting the views of the students forward.

I am Tarique Plummer. Competence, diversity and experience; The choice is yours.

*Disclaimer: Tarique Plummer is an opinion columnist for The Cord

Ryan Price onlineRyan Price

My name is Ryan Price and I am proud to be a student of Wilfrid Laurier University and a part of their BBA program. I am currently the Vice President of Finance on the Lazaridis Student Society. This has given me a great amount of experience on what it is like to represent the students, listen to what they want, and most importantly to fulfill my commitments seriously. I want to take this prior experience, passion, and drive for making sure students get what they deserve by running for the Students’ Union Board of Directors. Every student here at Laurier is entitled to their voice, whether it be comments, feedback, questions, or concerns, and I am here to listen. I am a very honest and direct person that wants to ensure no voice is turned down. Hope to see you at the polls.

Jonathan Ricci onlineJonathan Ricci

My name is Jonathan Ricci and I will be seeking my third term on the board for the Laurier Students’ Union. During my time on the board, I have served on multiple committees and been very vocal at the board table. If re-elected, I will bring my previous experience back to the board table by pursuing the position of Chair of the Board and Chief Governance Officer. It is important as directors that we are approachable and communicate with the student body. I will continue my engagement with students over social media and in person. Lastly, it is important that directors collaborate to foster a multi campus mentality to benefit all Laurier students. It has been an honour to represent the Laurier Community and I hope you give me the opportunity to serve another term on the board. On February 3rd and 4th, re-elect Jonathan Ricci!

Eumin Song onlineEumin Song

I am currently a second year Psychology Student seeking election to the Student Union’s Board of Directors. At Laurier, I have volunteered both as an Orientation Week Icebreaker and an executive on First Year Project. If elected, I will use my experience to help contribute to strategic and generative discussion, and provide a critical viewpoint at the Board table. I will also hold the President accountable by effectively monitoring them through Board-set Executive Limitations. Ultimately, it is my goal to provide two-way communication between the Board and our student-body. Since Board Members are representatives of students, I will always listen and adhere them. Finally, I feel that my passion for student leadership at Laurier will drive me far in being an effective Director.

Dana Toameh onlineDana Toameh

My name is Dana Toameh and I am running for the Board of Directors of Wilfrid Laurier University. I am a Health Science student who has been incredibly involved since I was in my first year. A few things I did include, ERT, Winter Carnival, Eye to Eye, FOSSA, and I volunteer in the community.

If I am elected to the board, I will be the voice of the students and always put your views forward. I will encourage transparency and use my experience to better the development of the Students’ Union. A record of accomplishment.

*Anthony Zambito’s platform has been removed due to his disqualification

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