Students, profs protest activist’s “unjust” detention


Tuesday afternoon a group of approximately twenty students, community members and professors marched from Wilfrid Laurier University’s campus to the Waterloo Regional Police station in Uptown Waterloo.

Those gathered were protesting the re-arrest of Alex Hundert, a Laurier alumnus who was charged in connection with the coordinated protests during the G20 summit in Toronto in June. After participating in a panel discussion at Ryerson University, Hundert was arrested for breaching his bail condition which stipulated he not engage in any form of protest.

The group, escorted at points by police, held up traffic along Albert Street and gathered at the steps of the police station for a series of speeches and chants.

Peter Eglin, a Laurier sociology professor spoke to the group about the greater implications of Hundert’s arrest. “Although the situation Alex faces is rather grim, his arrest and mistreatment is a sign of hope,” Eglin said. “A state’s first fear is its own people – [Hundert’s arrest] is a sign of loss of control and in that it’s a sign of hope.”

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