Starbucks and Pizza Pizza moving

Although some businesses have appeared to begin moving out of the plaza at the corner of King Street and University Avenue across from Wilfrid Laurier University, a definite timeline for construction on the site has not been confirmed.

The corner is planned to house a new 25-storey luxury condominium built by Tanem Developments Ltd. The new building will hold 175 units, two underground parking decks and 20,000 square feet of street level office and retail space.

Tanem Developments confirmed that both Starbucks and Pizza Pizza will be relocated to 12 University Avenue East next to 7-11.

However, in regards to when the move will occur, Nelson Kraus, owner of Tanem stated, “Any guess, get it on a crystal ball.”

Employees at both establishments also expressed uncertainties for when a move would occur, as contracts between the corporations and developers are still being finalized.

Kraus did remain optimistic on moving forward with the project, explaining, “Basically I hope that in the spring time we start on the [new] building.”

Rogers Wireless has already moved earlier this fall to 255 King St. North following the permanent closure of MacDonell’s in June.

Booster Juice and Runner’s Choice will be joining Rogers Wireless in the neighbouring plaza.

Krista Zazulak, an employee of Booster Juice, told The Cord that their move is expected to occur
in December, although she was unsure of the exact date.

“We’d like to get through Christmas,” said Geoff Todd, owner of Runner’s Choice, expressing their decision to move at a later date. “January is quieter and easier to move in.”

Construction for the condominium is anticipated to take between two and two-and-a-half years to complete, following the relocation of all current businesses.