Soaring into the season: Golden Hawks women’s soccer shows promising start 

Laurier Soccer player going to kick ball
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On Sept 1., The Golden Hawks women’s soccer team took the field for their season opener against the York University Lions. The opening match was significant for the team, as it marked the first game on their newly renovated home turf at Alumni Field, and the excitement in the air was apparent. 

The Golden Hawks were able to gain an early lead on the Lions, after Jyanessa Sealy scored a penalty kick in the 26th minute. Soon after in the 29th minute, Jada Johnson received a breakaway pass, sent by Sealy to score the Golden Hawk’s second of the game.  

Sasha Marikano, one of Laurier’s top performers, shared insight about the strong start to the season. Marikano attributed their success to their consistent pressure and teamwork: “We kept the pressure on [York] and continued to link up plays to create more scoring opportunities.” 

 However, the Lions had a strong start to the second half, scoring two goals in 6 minutes that leveled out the scoreboard. After a promising start in the first half of the game, the team obtained 1 point with a well earned result of a 2-2 draw.  

“It felt amazing to start the season at home!” Marikano said.

“The atmosphere with home fans and family was great, and I’m looking forward to all the home games we have this season.”  

The team seems to have received a boost of energy from the newly rebuilt pitch and spectators can look forward to many exciting games on this revered ground. 

When asked about the rest of the season, Marikano expressed her optimistic outlook. She highlighted the camaraderie within the team, stating, “I’m very excited for the rest of the season because [Laurier] has a great squad of girls who are working hard day in and day out. The team vibes have been better than ever, and now we just have to get the results to show for it.” 

Supporters of the Golden Hawks Women’s Varsity Soccer team have every reason to be excited about what lies ahead this season given Marikano’s optimism and the team’s renewed enthusiasm.

The next home game at Alumni Field, scheduled for Sept. 9 at 1 p.m., promises another thrilling display of soccer that is not to be missed.  

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