Small businesses paying the price for student laziness


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With the closing of Debrodnik’s this past week, a deli and bakery featuring some of the best lunch offerings around campus and the city more broadly, it is time that students evaluate their contribution to the success of small businesses in the area. This place had a donut pop-up stand on the weekend, an unrivaled meatball sandwich and friendly staff, but somehow it was not good enough for us.

To Debrodnik’s, and other small businesses struggling to keep their doors open, allow us to apologize for students unwilling to explore their surroundings and seek out the best food to spend their parents’ hard earned money on.
Nothing against common chains with a location on every corner, but it is time we spread the love and took a few minutes out of our busy day to walk off campus and see what KW has to offer.

Students, you are fortunate enough to be living in a vibrant city with some excellent small businesses.         There are some places around campus that rotate businesses on a monthly basis it seems, with owners unable to stick around long enough for us to learn whether we like them or not.
Our fear to try new things and our strange love for mediocre sandwiches keeps us from rewarding ourselves with great food. If businesses are offering a product or service that is high in quality and should by all accounts please students, they should be given the chance to compete. That’s how small businesses become institutions, but it takes some trying on our part.

To all small businesses in the area, especially food establishments, do not lose hope and keep striving for excellence.  In the pursuit of delicious food, having our favourite places close down is frustrating.

We empathize with the small business owners and also with our cravings, which will never be satisfied. We apologize for our past indiscretions and can only ask for forgiveness and vow to change moving forward.

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