Sheridan sets the ‘couch myth’ straight


Re: “WLUSU has misplaced values,” Sept. 23, 2009

There seems to be some inaccurate information circulating campus about the recent changes to the 24 hour lounge and I am eager to ease any frustrations with accurate information.

None of the 24 hour lounge couches will be, or have been, removed from the 24 lounge this fall.

To clarify, the new furniture is meant to supplement what already exists and encourage even more students to take advantage of this unique lounge space on campus. The new chairs have desks attached to give students the flexibility of working, but don’t take away from the relaxed atmosphere of the lounge.

I appreciate hearing the opinions and thoughts of students as I consider my interactions with students to be the most important part of my job.

I remind everyone that I am always eager to hear your concerns directly and am entirely dedicated to responding appropriately to the changing needs of students in the year ahead.

I encourage all students to visit and look for my frequent Presidential Updates. This new initiative will provide you with first hand information on what is going on within your Students’ Union.

To reach me, my e-mail is or feel free to stop by my office on the 3rd floor of the FNCC anytime! I look forward to working with you all in the year ahead.

–Laura Sheridan, WLUSU President

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