September 2, 2010

We can send them something almost
anything and they’ll digitize it –
they don’t recommend having people on
there because they look weird.” —Mike
McMahon, WLUSU general manager on what
images cannot be put in little red
dots on the FNCC sign

“The focus of this new role is very much to be beside students and guide them, providing opportunities for students to develop in a holistic way. From the first day they set foot on campus right through to their graduation four, five or six years later.”
–Leanne Holland Brown, dean of students

“It’s like having a royal commission, ‘we’re doing something.’”
–Alex Latta, prof of global studies, on the purpose of the UN High-level Panel on Global Sustainability

“Don’t just put everything out there, think before you click and please just go and set your privacy controls. At some point you guys are going to apply for jobs, 77 per cent of all employers access online social profiles of applicants, and a third of them categorically reject candidates based on what they see in people’s profiles.”
– Anne Cavoukian, the Ontario privacy commissioner on the perils of student Facebook debauchery

“To be a woman it’s a big challenge. They are given the hearts of caring.”
–Bongekile Mpho Ncube, home-based care worker in South Africa

“Toronto needs a Batman more than anything.”

“There’s an idea button on there for future system enhancements – it is moderated, so if you just say our stuff is garbage, we need a little better detail than that.”
–Tom Buckley on the comments feature of the new Laurier tech upgrades

I was always attracted to shiny
things.” —Vladimir Kitaev, Laurier
chemistry professor on why he studies