Sept. 23, 2009

“There is a lot of educational research that basically says that size does matter.”
–Laurier professor Garry Potter, speaking about the increasing class sizes and how, in this context, smaller is actually better.

“The guitar that I play is 45 years older than me … my girlfriend is very jealous because it gets a lot of action.”
–Wade MacNeil, guitarist/vocalist of Alexisonfire.

“Who is propping up the Stephen Harper government? It’s the scary socialists and scary separatists.”
–Liberal party leader Michael Ignatieff on the NDP and Bloc supporting the Conservative Ways and Means motion on Sept. 18.

“He was for the war in Iraq and torture and now he’s against it, no one knows who he is. He doesn’t have a plan he doesn’t have policies.”
–Laurier student and former president of Laurier Campus Conservatives Eric Merkey on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

“When we watch a comedy at home, maybe we’ll giggle a bit, but when we see it in the theatre we just laugh uproariously, because the audience is laughing too. It’s just more fun.”
– Katherine Spring, assistant film professor at Laurier, speaking about why watching film should be a social event.

“We’re going to raise this money and we’re going to do our best to raise it.”
– Paul Rossi, a member of the public square’s fundraising committee, following city council’s decision to extend the funding deadline for the proposed skating rink in Uptown Waterloo; the group now has until Oct. 19 to raise $226,000.

“The team expects me to be a leader and that’s what I have to be. I have to be able to come in and pick up where we left off.”
–Laurier quarterback Evan Pawliuk on suddenly taking over as the starter following Luke Thompson’s knee injury this past Saturday.

“We really didn’t play that well, so the loss wasn’t all that shocking. Obviously we’re not happy about it, but when you play like we did … a loss is just what happens.”
–Women’s lacrosse head coach Lynn Orth on her team’s first loss in almost three years.

“The day I write a song about how much I love my dog is the day our career ends.”
–The Midway State’s songwriter, vocalist, and pianist, Nathan Ferraro.