Sept. 15, 2010


“If you take a space like the dining hall, that’s not meant for studying,
that’s meant for eating.”

—Kyle Walker, WLUSU president on lack of study space on campus

“There will be a regional contribution as well. I mean we weren’t getting this free — it’s not like getting a transit system for free, so we have to take a look at what’s affordable.”
–Ken Seiling, Waterloo Regional Chair

“What we try to do as a professional association is herd cats. We try to keep all these people working and communicating with each other and provide venues where we can do those sorts of things.”
–Alistair Edgar explaining the operations of the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS)

“The end goal is that the Students’ Union has knowledge of all the information that’s going out because, as you know, the Students’ Union is a very deep organization and sometimes doesn’t always know what everybody is doing.”
–Phil Champage describing the depth and intricacy of WLUSU

“I’m really tired of the Students’ Union launching things that aren’t working one hundred per cent properly.”
–Phil Champagne, WLUSU Marketing and Events Manager on the history of past union projects

“I really hope that people aren’t just here because they think we’re good looking ‘cause that would suck.”
–Cam Hunter, Down With Webster

“I’d like to be a lawyer.”
–Karkwa drummer Stéphane Bergeron on employment if he wasn’t in a band

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