Senate candidate platforms

NOTE: Platforms have been published as the candidates sent them in. They have not been edited for spelling, grammar, or content.

(Photo by Kate Turner).
(Photo by Kate Turner).

Luke Dotto (Acclaimed)

Currently, the University is undergoing a process called Integrated Project and Resource Management, IPRM for short, this process is going to fundamentally shift the way Laurier develops and operates over the next decade, This process, which will have far-spanning ramifications on your student experience, is being conducted without adequate student representation. IPRM will identify the academic areas of the school that need to be strengthened, maintained, transformed, and most regrettably; abolished. The need for adept student representatives to make sure it is the students and not the pocketbooks of this University are the primary concern of this process is of paramount import. Having worked in Student Affairs, having served on the Board of Directors, and importantly having conducted research on IPRM in the past I believe I would be an ideal advocate for your needs during this process and for election to the Senate as a student Senator.


(Photo by Nick Lachance)
(Photo by Nick Lachance)

Elias Eerikainen (Acclaimed)

As a Student member of the Wilfrid Laurier University Senate, I would bring a unique perspective to the table at every meeting. I will work to foster accountability and fairness in all of the operations of the Senate. Effective management requires solid, lasting commitment and relevant experience. I have been involved with various events planning committees as well as budgeting for large conferences. I believe that I would make an excellent student Senator, and work to protect and advance the interests of all Laurier students.

Full platforms can be found on the WLUSU website.


The following candidates did not submit platforms and were not present at the Open Forum.

Zahra Sultani at last year's Open Forum. (File photo by Kate Turner)
Zahra Sultani at last year’s Open Forum. (File photo by Kate Turner)
Jazz Clement at last year's Open Forum. (File photo by Rosalie Eid).
Jazz Clement at last year’s Open Forum. (File photo by Rosalie Eid).


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