SBESS presidential candidate platform

SBESS presidential candidate, Evan Little. (Contributed photo)

Evan Little
I am a 3rd year BBA student at Wilfrid Laurier University who is extremely excited to have the opportunity to lead our business school into a very promising year of changes for the students of Laurier SBE, and the business faculty as a whole.

Over my last three years at Laurier, I’ve identified what I believe has been missing from the SBE student experience. My platform strives to fill these gaps in ways that add as much value to the student experience as possible, while ensuring the efficient use of student dollars.

Finish Strong Conference
• Opportunity for graduating students to network and attend development sessions with sponsors, the career centre, employers, the entrepreneurship centre and more
Breakfast with the Dean
• Once a month, 10-15 SBE students will have the opportunity to have a private breakfast and discussion with the Dean, Micheál Kelly
Business Card Service
• Students are often in search of personal business cards but are deterred by high printing costs and design complications
• My goal is to provide a cost-effective business card service that supplies students with a brandedLaurier SBE business card customized with their information
Laurier SBE Merchandise & Apparel
• Students are looking to represent the school they are attending, which makes it essential for merchandise to be available to the student body
• I will ensure that a full-line of articles may be purchased by students through both in-person sales as well as an online store that will be hosted on the website

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