Robert Langen Art Gallery to open in Laurier library


Come September 2016, Wilfrid Laurier University will be opening the Robert Langen Art Gallery on the first floor of the Library as part of an initiative to support local artists and provide Laurier’s community with engaging programming.

The gallery, which was previously located outside of the entrance into the music building, will now span across 1400 square feet. Used as a multifunctional space, the gallery will display artwork, as well as provide an event space for programming. There will also be a gift shop.

Suzanne Luke, curator of the gallery, says that it will house, “four professional artists each academic year and these exhibitions are linked to academic areas of study.”

The gallery will outreach with students to feature their work, she explained, but the gallery’s main goal is to present the work of contemporary mid to senior level artists.

“Our programming is directly linked to areas of academic study, so we connect with different faculty members and our exhibitions are integrated into their areas of course study,” Luke said.

Programming will include anything from concerts to book readings. The space is planned to increase access to arts and culture at Laurier.

Nicholas Dinka, director of communications and programming at the Laurier library emphasized the importance of the role students will play when it comes to the design of the space.

“We have already been talking to students, about what they want to use the space [for], what we can do with the space for them,” says Dinka.

In addition, the gift shop will feature art objects, from which revenues will be used to help sustain the gallery itself.

While being within a closed space in the library, the gallery is expected to be open to students during regular library hours come September, excluding times when the space is being used for special events.

Construction of the gallery is expected to commence some time this week and is planned to be completed by the beginning of September.

“We want [the library] to be like an athletic centre of the mind,” said Dinka, “[and] a hub for arts and culture.”

Edits to this article and corrections were made on May 25th at the request of Suzanne Luke.

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