Robert Bruce acclaimed as new GSA president

Robert Bruce was elected 2014-15 GSA president. (Photo by: Ryan Hueglin)
Robert Bruce was elected 2014-15 GSA president. (Photo by: Ryan Hueglin)

The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) at Wilfrid Laurier University has a newly-elected president for the  term starting May 1.

Robert Bruce is the acclaimed president-elect who will succeed Ashley Coleman in her current role as president.

“I like to think that you can make a difference, that one person can make a difference,” said Bruce. “And this is an opportunity to see the greater picture and see what changes you can actually make for graduate students to reduce stress and increase success.”

Bruce was acclaimed to the position, but he believes the lack of competition has not affected his motivation to fill the role of president for the upcoming term.

“I think anytime that you are acclaimed there is an aura of ‘well, is that person the best person for the position?’ but I like to think that being acclaimed gives me the opportunity to work even harder to prove that I am the right person for this position,” said Bruce.

Although there was no campaign period, Bruce’s future role in the office as president will abide by his campaign that he calls, ‘The Three C’s.’

“Communication, consistency, and collaboration. We can connect to see what the issues are out there on the three campuses and by increasing our communication with students, university partnerships and other campuses, we can create a kind of unity that will help this association be all that it can be for graduate students.”

Under the presidency of Ashley Coleman the GSA has focused on bringing professional development to graduate students, which is something that Bruce says he hopes to continue.

“One of the big things they did last year was professional development and getting funding for professional development. What I’m looking to do is to let graduate students know that these kinds of things exist, and that’s where the communication, consistency and collaboration come in,” said Bruce.

Coleman highlighted Bruce’s communication pillar in his platform and shared her support for his visions for the association.

“His active involvement with the GSA throughout his time as a graduate student has continued to illustrate his commitment to improving the graduate student experience at Laurier. I have no doubt in my mind that Robert will do a fantastic job in this new role.”

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