Remembrance Day should never be overshadowed


Immediately following the end of Halloween, spider web and skeleton decorations are already being replaced with Christmas lights and ornaments. Malls are playing carols and the holiday season’s excitement is in the early November air.

Is this too soon? Or is it never to early to get into a merry mood?

There is nothing wrong with getting into the holiday spirit a little early. Many commercial organizations jump on the potential of promoting their gifts and events as soon as possible to make the most money.

Some students may feel like a holiday album is perfect for the November blues or that a movie that resembles everything we love about the holiday season will alleviate some of the stress we’ve been feeling.

However it’s important to not let other important days become overshadowed or forgotten. One example is a day commemorating soldiers dying in battle during the fight for freedom.

Remembrance Day is upon us and like the name suggests, we must remember. In the chaotic buzz of holiday shopping and celebratory preparations, people are forgetting to take part in a day that runs much deeper than commercialized gift exchange.

The moment of silence during the 11th hour of the the 11th day of the 11th month should never be disregarded. It is a brief — very brief — time to pay our respects for something so important and put everything on hold for those brave souls that sacrificed their lives for our protection.

It’s important to remember those who fought for freedom, that lost their lives because of the fight and have allowed us to enjoy the commodities we indulge in daily.

This may entail hitting pause on Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas” record — at least for 30 seconds.

We are not discouraging holiday celebration. It’s important to enjoy what makes you happy.

But it is just as important to remember that we would not be able to celebrate the holidays if not for the sacrifice of these soldiers.

Wear a poppy, attend a memorial ceremony or simply lower your head for the moment of silence. Holiday excitement can continue in a moment.

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