Remembrance Day returns to Waterloo Region 

Remembrance Day statue
Remembrance Day statue
Photo by: Sadiya Teeple

11:00 a.m. on Nov. 11 marks the formal ending of the First World War. 

With heavy hearts, we remember the soldiers that fought for our freedom 105 years ago.  

On Nov. 11, wear a poppy with pride, have a moment of silence or visit a local cenotaph to pay your respects. 

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 530 holds a ceremony at the legion at 10:45 a.m. to include veterans and hold a moment of silence for those lost.   

The Waterloo Cenotaph is located at Peace Grove on Regina Street near City Hall and Laurel Creek.  

During the First World War, Waterloo lost 14 young men, whose names appear on the cenotaph.  

 “My grandfathers went to war and died in battle, and my father went to war when I was still a baby.” 

“I know how it changed the rest of his life to grow up without a father and to have seen what he did when he was there,” said Ron Jeffery, a member of the community who visits a cenotaph every year in honour of his grandfathers.   

 Jeffery wears a poppy on his coat throughout November in honour of those he lost and many more lost by others.  

Donating to the Royal Legion through the Poppy Campaign helps them support initiatives such as educating youth about historical events. 

 In addition, contributions go towards the Veterans health and overall wellness.  

Wearable poppies are provided by the Poppy Campaign’s partners, including the Bank of Montreal, Home Depot, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Tim Hortons, Walmart, Starbucks, TD Bank, Canada Post and Via Rail Canada.  

If you cannot attend any Remembrance events, there are other ways to feel connected to the community this year.  

Many songs have been produced to offer condolences to the families that lost and suffered from the war.  

Highway of Heroes by The Trews, which originally came out in 2010, is a four-minute song that highlights the significance of Remembrance Day.  

This song reflects on Highway 401, deemed as the “Highway of Heroes,” that salutes fallen soldiers and military members for their act of service. 

2018’s A Pittance of Time by Terry Kelly also addresses fallen heroes, urging listeners to reflect on the sacrifices made by those fighting for their countries. 

This Remembrance Day, participate in a moment of silence and wear a poppy in honour of fallen soldiers. 

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