Remember date nights? Here are a few ideas for fun with your someone


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As the weather starts to turn and your cash supply starts to get a little dry, dinner dates and walks in the park might not cut it any more. The start of autumn doesn’t have to mean a dreary end to your relationship, though! 

Whether you’re trying to save money or you just don’t feel like seeing other people today, there are still plenty of things you can do without leaving the comfort of your apartment. 

Bake something impossible

If you’ve seen Nailed It on Netflix, you’ll know what I’m talking about here. Endless laughs and entertainment, right? You don’t need to be particularly skilled, and the goal isn’t perfection. Imagine doing that with your best friend! 

Blindly pick a Pinterest recipe and try your best to recreate it. If it turns out, fantastic! You can update your Instagram. If it doesn’t, you’ll probably just pee yourself laughing along the way and make lots of happy memories with your significant other. 

Build a blanket fort 

Remember those times when you’d get a fitted sheet and stretch it across some chairs and flip over the couch cushions for support? The best part about being an adult is that you no longer have to say that building forts is just for kids. 

This date night idea is particularly useful, as you probably already have all of the necessary elements hanging around. And even if you just use it to Netflix and chill when you’re done making it, it’s still something special for you and your partner to do together. 

Plan a trip

Statistically speaking, the most successful first-date conversation is one on travel. This doesn’t have to stop! Even if you never intend to take this trip, planning ahead for something like this can show a lot about your partner, like what they value in the world. 

It’ll also spark conversations about their past experiences. Where have they been before, and what funny stories do they have about it? You’ll never know if the topic doesn’t come up! Who knows, you might even walk away with something you’re both looking forward to and something you can save up for together. 

Perfecting your favourite hot beverage

Who can make a killer coffee? How about cocoa, who makes the better liquid luxury? What’s the perfect ratio of cinnamon to apple in a cider? If it’s a particularly cold day, this might be the time to find out! 

If no one in the relationship is particularly confident about their recipe, look them up on the internet and choose the wildest ones to try. On top of that, flavour syrups, like the ones you can find at your favourite coffee shop, can be bought for a relatively cheap price at Winners. Nothing beats a homemade London Fog! 

Surprise Movie 

You pick a number and so does your partner. Head onto Netflix and go down the number of sections you picked, scroll through that category, and pick the number of the movie that your partner picked. 

Whether you end up with an Oscar Award winning drama or a horrible indie comedy, it’ll take away from the bickering over what to watch, and there’s no blame on anyone if it’s not your taste. Give it a fair shot for at least the amount of time it takes for your pizza to arrive. 

Arts and Crafts

Remember back to childhood where you could make your mom a Santa Claus head where the eyes are facing two different directions and she would love it because it was personal? Your partner should be the same! 

I was always told that the beauty in a relationship comes from when you can be completely silent together and still feel comfortable. This is a perfect opportunity to test that with your partner. Whether you’re wondrous at watercolour or a genius with a glue gun, making something with your partner can be such a rewarding experience, and you’ll both walk away with a physical reminder of each other. 

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