Release summer course information

Even though it is only February, the university should be able to provide students with a better idea of the courses being offered over the summer. This information affects whether students may choose to remain in Waterloo and take courses – leases and job arrangements are often finalized around reading week.

Course offerings for the fall and winter semesters are always out well in advance; this is even more necessary for the summer semester.

While all faculties should be represented in course offerings available at this time, arts classes should be a priority. Not only do many arts students need to take classes during the summer, the business students who are in school full-time over the summer also often choose to take arts electives at this time.

If the university wants to maximize the use of its “physical plant” and benefit as much as possible from the campus’ infrastructure over the summer – as the administration has expressed – they need to let students know what is being offered sooner, rather than later.

As students continue to make arrangements into the spring for what they’ll be doing this summer, they will be increasingly unwilling or unable to commit to classroom courses.

The university needs to make clear what courses are being offered as soon as possible for students’ sake. Whether or not they will be adding more classes after the calendar has been posted is not the issue.

A lot of students may be under the impression that what’s on the schedule now is final – only recently has it become apparent that it isn’t.

Unfortunately, the administration has failed to see how an incomplete course calendar at this time in the year hinders the summer employment and living arrangement of students.

–The Cord Editorial Board