Regardless of your experiences always remember who you are


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I have always enjoyed meeting new people. The chance to interact with those who have a different personality from me, as well as those who share different experiences or hobbies, can be quite exhilarating.

I am an extrovert by nature – that’s just me and it’s always been me.

We each have unique character traits that make up our personalities. These are what define us and, by extension, how the world views us.

So, our personality is essentially what gives us a voice. Just as no two people have the same thumbprint, no two share the same personality. And this is for good reason; imagine if we all acted exactly the same. We would essentially be robots and the world would be quite a monotonous place.

As university students, we have this opportunity to interact with so many different people. It’s a truly rewarding environment, one which will allow us to develop. You will be molded by your experiences here; in many ways this is just inevitable. After all, that’s why we are all here –– to grow.

But remember, it can become easy to lose yourself in the chaos of a busy lifestyle. There will be times when you may feel you don’t fit in. “I wish I was different,” or “if only I was like that person,”, you may think.

Yes, wanting to improve your skills is critical because without a growth mindset, development is difficult. But, we learn by example, and sometimes we can all get carried away.

Getting involved gives us all the chance to open up to others and interact with those who may not share the same major as us.

Don’t spend your life obsessing over how much better you think someone else’s life is. You are unique, so just don’t make unfair comparisons. Stay true to yourself and don’t forget your roots. We need to embrace our differences and the first step towards doing this is recognizing that we are, in fact, all inherently different.

You know yourself the best –– don’t let anyone tell you who you are or who you are not. This means not giving anyone the chance to pressure you into doing something. Learn to say no. Learn to express your opinion even though you feel it may be unpopular. These are strengths.

Above all, don’t be worried about a little bit of uncertainty. Uncertainty is present in all our lives. Whether you are still struggling to figure out what you want to spend the rest of your life doing, or you are having a stressful week, just remember that we have all been there at some point. You will figure it out.

We are a product of our experiences. Therefore, the people you decide to interact with will have an enormous impact on your lifestyle and the way you present yourself to the world. Pick your friends wisely because you may pick up a lot of their habits along the way. When it comes to your friends, quality beats quantity.

Someone once told me that if they hadn’t gotten involved through their time here at Laurier they wouldn’t have had the chance to encounter so many different personalities. I think that’s key.

Getting involved gives us all the chance to open up to others and interact with those who may not share the same major as us.

So, get involved, make solid friendships and enjoy the ride, because these are your best years and they only happen once.

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