Reduce the Juice campaign set to impact Waterloo


Yesterday, in Waterloo Town Square, Reduce the Juice launched its 2009 campaign to make community members aware of the effects of idling.

Since climate change is one of the largest challenges facing young people today, Reduce the Juice hires youth to lead educational projects in their communities.

Last year, Reduce the Juice, an environmental non-profit organization, encouraged residents of the Waterloo region to stop idling and use “greener” methods of travelling.

Over 8,000 homes were visited and 1,557 pledges were signed to commit to more environmentally friendly actions. These actions saved approximately 1,157 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year as well as about 1,500 kg of other pollutants.

This year, the organization has again hired local youth to lead the program throughout the months of July and August. Their goal will be to educate residents about reducing vehicle-related pollution.

Waterloo Region Public Health has also partnered with Reduce the Juice to try and improve the air quality in the region.

Members of Reduce the Juice can be seen at community events for the rest of the summer, and will be trading solar-powered snow cones for pledges.

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