Radio Laurier resurrected

Radio Laurier re-launched on Friday Jan. 8, and will now be providing either live or pre-recorded programming throughout the week, every week. They celebrated in the Concourse during the day with music and birthday cake.

The radio program will have a variety show every morning from 9:00 a.m. until noon that will play a wide range of music and take listener requests. Outside of that main broadcasting time Radio Laurier will provide many genre specific programs and some talk shows.

They will offer mainstream music, but as program manager Judith Brunton explains it is the station’s intention to cater to the entire student body by providing listeners with any and all types of music that they are interested in.

“Our interest in programming is to hire deejays that are passionate about the music….We want to have deejays that care about what they’re listening to so you want to hear what they have to say about it,” said Brunton.

Radio Laurier will also provide an hour time slot each day for a platform from any student, campus or community group to broadcast what they are about and what they are doing.

The station will also make all of their broadcasts available online, allowing anyone who is interested to catch the programming by using a computer.

To hear the new sound of Radio Laurier visit: