Racist posters found inside Kitchener-Waterloo residents’ mailboxes

Posters containing racist statements have been circulating in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, with reports stating that these posters have been found in local residents’ mailboxes.  

The posters express racist statements regarding interracial marriages and the children of interracial partners. The Cord has chosen not to republish these statements. 

Kitchener mayor Berry Vrbanovic penned a response online and has called the posters “repulsive and disgusting.” 

“This is just another example of anti-Black racism in our community, and serves as a further reminder that those of us in a position of privilege need to actively speak out about this,” he wrote. 

Vrbanovich has called for the posters to be investigated as a possible hate crime. 

These posters are reminiscent of a situation that happened on campus in 2018, where posters expressing similar racist sentiments about interracial marriage were found inside a copy of The Cord. 

It is unclear as to whether these posters have been circulated by the same people or persons. 

These posters were in no way affiliated with The Cord.

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