Projects aimed at engagement and health


Photo by Serena Gill
Photo by Serena Gill

Seven projects aimed at improving the student experience at Wilfrid Laurier University have been approved by the Student Life Levy committee and will be implemented next term. 20 projects total were submitted to the committee for consideration.

According to the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union chair of the board and chief governance officer Matt McLean, the number of submissions and therefore approvals of SLL projects is down from previous years.

“We did not receive as many applications as we were hoping to, so we have looked at some various ways to improve this process going forward,” he said.

SLL approved the projects this term based on how they contributed to opportunities for student engagement and improved personal health and fitness.

Projects were approved late November and included four themes for the Laurier campus.

“We have approved ones based on diversity, safety, study gathering space and health and wellness,” McLean explained.

The total amount of money allocated to the seven projects was $83,916 out of a maximum amount of $97,074. The SLL committee offers additional funds if projects need it for better results or completion.

The biggest project approved by SLL was the security asset intelligence mapping for campus safety, which received $25,390.

According to McLean, the project’s official description has yet to be released.

“What this does is allow the authorities to be able to pinpoint where on campus there is an issue happening,” said McLean.

The other project with which received a large amount of funding is the Library outdoor study space, gathering space and garden, which was approved at the cost of $17,032.

There will also be a residence quad outdoor gathering space for Bricker Residence, which will cost $17,982.

Four of the other approved projects received funds ranging from $3,000 to $11,670.

The Laurier mobile safety app will receive $11,670, while three other projects will receive a minimum amount of funding, with the SLL committee willing to increase the amount if needed.

Two projects, one entitled “critical incidents: student and faculty dialogues through video” and another called “not my Laurier: international students combatting gender based violence” will both receive $3,000, but the committee is willing to grant up to $7,500.

Additionally, the student health and development centre will receive $5,842 for enhancements, but the committee has approved funding up to $10,000 if necessary.

Projects for this term will be implemented depending on the nature of their process. The study and gathering spaces, for example, won’t be completed until the spring term.

“All the money that’s sitting in the fund that did not get allocated to projects will be rolled over to the next round of submissions, which will be coming out in March,” said McLean.

Application submissions for the next term will start in January 2015.


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