WLUSU Presidential Platforms


Olivia Matthews - ONLINE WillOlivia Matthews – Presidential Candidate

The Students’ Union is only as strong as its students, volunteers and partnerships. There are three main foundations that drive my vision for the future as your President of the Students’ Union.

I will build and strengthen our relationships with other university departments, which will enhance the student experience across both of Laurier’s campuses.

I will engage and connect with the student population as a whole in order to truly represent and advocate on their behalf.

I will help volunteers get the most out of their experience by reducing inefficiencies and appreciating them, while continuing to provide high quality programming and services for all students.

I’ve spent my Laurier career building relationships that matter and I truly believe that the focus of the Students’ Union should always be collaborating with student voices because we are better together. To see my full platform, check out www.oliviaforpresident.ca and remember to vote!

Dave Patterson - ONLINE WillDave Patterson – Presidential Candidate

Your Well-Being. My Priority.

Wellness impacts every student in some capacity and should be a leading concern for the Student’s Union. To ensure that students, including those who are not only struggling in crisis, are able to feel supported I plan on enhancing student’s access to peer driven support.

Your Money. Your Opportunities.

Students at Laurier are surrounded by opportunities to engage with many facets of the University. To improve the quality of information provided to students on these opportunities, including the services and programs available, I plan to schedule meetings with student/staff leaders across campuses to develop partnerships, pool resources, and reduce redundancies.

Your Experience. Your Choice.

The Student’s Union President has the responsibility to advocate on behalf of students. I will utilize this opportunity to create innovative short-term and long-term solutions for the student experience by targeting issues concerning food services and study space.

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