Presidential candidate platforms


Matt Park

What can you imagine for Laurier? That is the simple question that started my time with student politics in 2004.

Since that time I have served three terms on the WLUSU Board of Directors, two years on the University Senate, one year on the Board of Governors and two years with the Residence Life program. Throughout my university career I have learned one thing: it is possible to accomplish anything, so long as we are willing to strive for it.

I can imagine a Students’ Union that is engaged with the students; a Students’ Union that focuses on the concerns of the students of these campuses. But beyond that I can imagine fast, accessible wireless Internet for students across Laurier.

I can imagine a Student Awards system that makes it easier to search and apply for student awards, scholarships and bursaries.

I can imagine an independent Brantford Campus in charge of its own destiny with its own Students’ Union. These are the plans I imagine and strive for.

I have other goals in mind to work towards. Developing green space and reusable water bottle refill stations, the creation of a new student caucus to ensure the student voice is active within the union, increased advocacy and outreach communication for the students, and a continued and improved support for the Diversity and Equity office, Leadership Centre, and the first year experience.

But more importantly, I want my time to be about that one powerful question: What can YOU imagine for Laurier?

Dan La Cute

My vision is that next year I will be able to work alongside the students of WLU to improve the experiences they have on our two campuses. The way I will achieve this is through the facilitation of communication between all Laurier students and the President and CEO. I will create a relationship of trust and be accountable to the student body by ensuring that students are always well informed of my actions and future endeavors within WLUSU. I strongly believe that the academic career of students will improve if WLUSU commits to working towards a closer partnership with University Administration. In addition to the current professor evaluation procedures, I will create a mid-semester “Start. Stop. Continue.” assessment which would provide professors with constructive student feedback that is directed and goal oriented. Furthermore, through the creation of Faculty Orientation Days for each program, student academic relationships can begin before the first day of classes. I have developed a “Community Safety Program” because I believe that student safety on our campuses and surrounding areas is a top priority. Establishing safe havens at local businesses along frequently traveled streets, University Ave. and King St. in Waterloo will help to reestablish a sense of security amongst Laurier students. I care deeply about this school and know that my passion for our school will bring Wilfrid Laurier to even greater levels of excellence. Through my leadership abilities and commitment to my word, I will guide my fellow Golden Hawks through the next academic year.

Aeron Lawrence

My name is Aeron Lawrence and I am going for WLUSU President. My platform is made up of ideas that I have come up with over my time here but without your input, they do not come close to fulfilling the needs of all Laurier students. Right now many students feel that if they do not directly volunteer within WLUSU than they are not apart of the Student’s Union and are unable to use all the resources and services it provides.

I would like to shift that thinking and work with students so they know that WLUSU exists to serve ALL undergraduate students.

I would like to increase communication with Laurier students through actively going to where they are and incorporating them in the decision process for decisions that directly affect them.

Lastly I want to empower the voice of students by giving them an outlet to voice their thoughts publicly.

Nick Gibson

Easing the financial burden on students…
– Fight for a Better Dining Hall: make admin deal with high labour costs
– Stand up for students at the provincial/federal level
– Turret for study space now, and a more versatile space moving forward
A more conducive environment for academic success…
– Comprehensive study space plan: use of the turret, classroom-bookings by WLUSU for study space, and a more accessible booking process
– Implementing a fall reading week, coupled with exam schedule flexibility
– Keeping administration accountable for the student to teaching faculty ratio
– Keep admin accountable for reliable internet & install Ethernet ports on campus
– Empowering Foot Patrol to improve safety on/off campus, fighting for more effective Health Services & a more empowering environment for ALL students in the classroom
Providing/supporting, meaningful leadership/growth opportunities for all students…
– Implementing a “culture-of-appreciation”: ensuring all volunteers are valued; WLUSU or otherwise
– Supporting Greek Life to find a working arrangement with admin
– Initiate integration of campus clubs between both campuses
Implementing sustainable practices through prudent financial means…
– Reduce waste: better train our staff & ensure that there are recycle bins in ALL classrooms
– More water dispensers to provide alternatives to EXPENSIVE bottled water
– ACCOUNTABILITY in the Sustainable Campus Committee
Empowering all students through an “Open” presidency…
– Weekly presence in high-traffic areas
– “Ask WLUSU” drop-box in high-traffic areas
– Proactive document release & recorded/Podcast board meetings
– Improved “Ask WLUSU” tab on the wlusu/ websites

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