President meeting priorities

On Nov. 11, the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union board of directors met to receive committee updates — including the pre-elections review committee — and the annual plan report from WLUSU president Nick Gibson.

Gibson began addressing concerns about the union’s finances following the extensive water damage in Wilf’s. While the cost of repairs are covered by the union’s insurance plan, the loss in profits from having the restaurant and bar closed have yet to be determined. Gibson was confident however that the union should remain in a comfortable position financially.

Director Chris Oberle, speaking on behalf of the pre-elections review committee, reported that election packages are nearly completed after some modifications from last year. The packages should be approved in the next meeting, on Nov. 25, and be available to students wishing to run in the WLUSU election shortly after.

The board also determined that the final date for submitting referendum questions for the 2012 WLUSU annual general meeting (AGM) will be Nov. 28. Referendum questions will be then discussed and approved by the board on Dec. 2 — the last scheduled meeting for the semester.

Gibson then updated the board on the annual plan that prioritizes advocacy, the union’s feedback on labour negotiations between the university and staff or faculty, bringing a referendum to the Brantford campus regarding a athletic facility and a the mental health of students.

Directors asked Gibson about improving study space on campus, to which he responded that expanding the physical space is not an option currently but plans are being worked on to use current spaces more efficiently.

Questions were raised about Gibson’s work with the Brantford campus, as students were concerned he was not visiting the campus often enough. Gibson admitted that he has not been to the campus as frequently as he was in September, however he is still working to uphold his promise of two visits per month to the campus.

All monitoring reports presented by Gibson were approved, and a committee was formed to amend one of the policies discussed. The committee, which will be addressing the executive limitation #2C after the recommendation to improve the policy from Gibson, was formed by directors Nick Nyhof, Andrew Chudnovsky, Scott Fleming, Jennifer Solda and Noah Habtemichael. A Brantford representative will be selected for the committee as well.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Nov. 25.

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