Praising student peers

(Graphic by Taylor Gayowsky)

Just over a week ago, Wilfrid Laurier University saw the creation of a Facebook page titled “WLU Compliments,” which allows students to anonymously submit compliments to their friends and classmates.

The idea began as a social project at Queen’s University and eventually spread to Ryerson University where WLU’s page creator first heard of the idea.

While the page’s creator asked The Cord to keep their identity unknown, they illustrated that they wanted this page to be a “stepping stone for confidence boosting.”

They hope that over time, people will post using their names rather than remaining anonymous.

There have been a few problems with the site so far. The creator can no longer add people, private message or ‘like’ anything on the page. Facebook thinks they are spamming, which is far from the case.

“Midterms always bring students down and WLU Compliments has provided us with the perfect dose of positivity,” said Maya Feldberg, a second-year business student, when asked about the new page.

“It demonstrates why Laurier has such a fantastic student body and reminds us that it doesn’t hurt to tell your friends how much they mean to you.”

When asked about the future of this page, the creator said that “as long as we have Facebook, I want it to continue; when I graduate I will probably pass the site down.”

They not only see this page as something positive, but a way for both Laurier’s Waterloo and Brantford campuses to connect.

The creator also noted that they are currently working alone on this project. Over a 14-hour period, they see over 250 notifications, including friend requests and an abundance of private messages.

“It’s so nice to see the Laurier community sharing such kind words about each other,” said Jessica Platt, a third-year communications studies student.

“Seeing so many compliments shows how much Laurier students care about each other, and that small acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed.”

However, some students on WLU’s campus have been discussing how the site appears to include a large number of students from the Wilfrid Laurier Student’s Union, rather than the general student body, and that WLUSU’s presence on the page appears to be dominating.

“I understand why people may feel it’s a little too WLUSU-centric but that’s only because volunteers are sending compliments to each other appreciating the work they’ve done together and the relationships that have developed from shared experiences,” the page creator said with regards to the criticism that has been circulating.

“That doesn’t mean that other Laurier students don’t contribute just as much.”

“It’s a great way for students to express themselves, anonymously or not,” said the creator. “I know this isn’t a fad.”

They hope to be expanding the group within the next few weeks and want to get other students to help out and share ideas to promote future success.

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