Pool closing for renovations, to re-open in September

The latest development in the Laurier Pool’s renovation project brings more good news for the initiative’s supporters.

After securing all the necessary funds through the joint efforts of the Region of Waterloo Swim Club (ROW), the cities of Waterloo and Kitchener and the students of Laurier, the pool will undergo a series of renovations over the summer.

“We’ve secured all of the 2.2 million dollars that we needed for the short-term fix,” said Laurier’s director of athletics and recreation Peter Baxter.

“We were really fortunate to have community partners, but the students have really stepped up.

“To have the students say, through the referendum, that they’re willing to help support the facility for the Laurier community and Waterloo Region really speaks to the commitment and generosity that our students have.”

The pool will be officially closed for the summer on June 1 with construction commencing on June 8.

The renovations will improve a number of aspects of the pool itself, including its pressure relief valves, drainage systems, walls and deck. Work is also being done on the section of the building that houses the pool including its air handling system, insulation and masonry.

The construction is scheduled to last approximately three and a half months, giving the pool a target re-opening of mid to late September.

“It’s official that [the pool] is going to be in operation,” said Baxter.

“This allows us a five year window, if not a bit more, to plan the long-term solution of either a new pool, or a redevelopment of the current pool.”

With an immediate solution in place and a long-standing one on the way, it appears as though the Laurier pool has finally entered a period of security.

According to Gary Nower, the $2.2 million repairs are the very basics needed to keep the pool open.

If more funding becomes available, repairs could cost up to $4.4 million. In this case, the next set of needed repairs would also be completed over the summer.