Pole dancing beneficial to women

Earlier this week I was dragged out my by roommates to a pole dancing class and after partaking in this one hour class, all I have to say is kudos to pole dancers. I have never before been in so much pain from a fitness class. It took me over four days to be able to straighten my arms again, let alone even stand up straight. But, as a work out it was definitely worth it.

The normal perception of pole dancing is that it is a slutty and degrading activity that is related back to low class strippers. However, this is certainly not the case. Pole dancing is an incredible workout for the arms and the core as you need to use your arms the entire time to hold yourself up in order to complete all the crazy moves with your legs.

The butterfly was the hardest move for me. It required putting your feet on either side of the pole with your legs bent while you face out, while still spinning around the pole. This move and the fireman were probably the main two that left me covered in bruises.

After taking this class, I have a new found respect for pole dancers. I have been to Roxanne’s before and witnessed the girls in action but I did not give much thought to the physical strength it takes to get to the top of that pole and swing around it or flip upside down on it. And the fact that they do it in stilettos absolutely blows my mind.                                                Not only is pole dancing a great fitness work out but it’s incredibly fun to do.

Plus, it makes you feel kind of sexy which gives a much needed confidence boost to many women. Teachers of pole dancing classes have remarked on how it gives women a feeling of empowerment and confidence that carries over into their everyday lives and often attest to its function as a self-esteem booster. It is a great class for women who have a low self image.

Women are in the core of a society that constantly criticizes their image and body shape. A girl is either too skinny or not skinny enough. Every part of a woman’s body from her nose shape to her ankle size is evaluated and torn apart if it does not measure up to the expectation of the perfect image. As a result, girls typically grow up with low self-esteem and a poor body image.

Pole dancing is also, often associated with the negative image of a slutty stripper. Society puts girls to shame when they are up on that pole and degrades their very existence. In fact most choices women make are subject to critical evaluation. Pole dancing however, is an excellent confidence booster and should not be viewed in such a critical matter. It takes a ton of hard work and leaves a feeling of accomplishment. If this is the case, why do we judge it in such a harsh manner?

I was a little hesitant about the class before I went, but I felt proud of myself when I was finally able to swing around the pole with my legs out and not fall straight to the floor. My roommates and I spent the most of the class laughing because we knew we looked a little ridiculous with our failed attempts at the moves. But in the end we had a blast.

So for those of you that look down on pole dancers or associate pole dancing with demeaning strippers, forget those pre-conceived notions and sign yourself up for a class! Not only does it give you an incredible workout, but it is a ton of fun. For many women struggling with self-esteem issues and the pressure to be beautiful at all times, freeing yourself in this act is a great confidence booster certain to make any women feel sexy, happy and free.


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