Plenty to be excited about at London ‘12


Graphic by Jessica Mitra

The world stops revolving for a few weeks. The unity between countries becomes infinite, and the sacrifice of each athlete becomes tangible, with possible gold within reach.

The Olympics has been a long-time stadium of pride, dedication and challenges for countries and athletes alike. It provides a nation the chance to show their love and gives individuals the ability to shape the training that they have endured since their infant years — literally.

It’s inevitable that the Olympics mean a lot to a country. It’s easy to say that it’s one of the most gathering times of the year.
Look at Vancouver 2010. There was a palpable swagger that came with all Canadians. We felt the pride, and we owned the medal platform, which gave citizens a stronger motivation — especially student athletes.

Any athlete that pursues a sport has a dream in the back of their mind: ‘Someday I want to be a professional.’ Whether professional means in a national league, an international phenomenon or part of the Olympics, it’s inevitable that the sport becomes part of the athlete. Student athletes are no different. They have worked their entire lives in respective travel leagues, training camps and universities to push themselves to new levels — levels they need to be at in order to pursue this dream.

It doesn’t stop with university either. Athletes that come through the university or college stage still have the chance to move farther on their endeavours. They work harder, train longer and use their sport to motivate them toward their final goal.

London 2012’s theme is “Inspire A Generation.” After Vancouver, all Canadians are inspired to reach their goals. Student athletes push harder to see where they end up.
A lifetime of dedication becomes evident this week, and it motivates all athletes. Student athletes can use the Olympics as an extra boost — they know they can make their dreams, and they know that no matter what sport they pursue, they have a chance.

Their dream will become reality.

It’s about inspiring a generation; it’s about inspiring a person. Athletes thrive on motivation and that’s exactly what London will do. The Olympics give us a chance to remember why we do what we do.
When asked what the Olympics means to us, there are multiple answers. Pride. Dedication. Motivation. Fruition. Doing things no one has ever done before.

For 17 days, there will be so much motivation in all of these athletes; it will inspire more than just a generation. It will inspire every nation, and every individual that it is possible to achieve what you want. Student athletes can make their goals. People can do what they dream of.

London 2012 will hold so much. It will provide Canada a chance to build on Vancouver. It will give Michael Phelps the chance to be the most decorated athlete.
It will give double-amputee Oscar Pistorius an opportunity to place in the Olympics after he went through so much adversity just to be able to contend. And it will be a motivation to all athletes to do what they know they can.

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