Platform: Green Party of Canada


OTTAWA (CUP) — Post-secondary announcements from the Green Party of Canada will be tracked here throughout the campaign.

Financial assistance

The Green Party of Canada released their complete platform on April 7. Included was one particular budget line labeled “increase post-secondary education bursaries,” which suggested the Greens would dedicate $400 million in funding annually for three years. In an earlier media release, the Greens indicated they would provide funding for bursaries through a Canadian National Student Loan and Bursary Program.

In the same March 31 release, the Green Party outlined their support for increasing transfer payments to provinces in an attempt to offset the rising cost of tuition, and also indicated they would seek to forgive portions of student loans, though no more details have yet been released on this particular aspect.

Research and training

The Greens have also stated they would target research grants to campuses studying new technologies surrounding “renewable energy, smart growth and energy conservation.” The party would also focus on apprenticeship programs and skills-based training through the expansion of appropriate programs to counteract shortages of skilled trades workers.

Youth employment

The Green party has also said they would seek to create a Youth Community and Environmental Service Corps that would provide minimum wage employment for 40,000 people between the ages of 18 and 25. Additionally, youth would be awarded a $4,000 tuition credit at the end of the program that could be used for future studies.

Earlier in the campaign, the Greens also called for a national youth employment and education initiative.

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