Photo & Video Editor

The Photo & Video Editor is expected to have a diverse knowledge in photography and video alongside being able to utilize equipment and editing software. They must exhibit creativity in many fields (i.e. sports, events, staged photography/video, etc.). They must also train and manage a team of qualified volunteers, so management skills are important. Candidates for this position must:  

  • Assist in recruiting and training photography/video volunteers;
  • Contribute at least one editorial per year;  
  • Receive photo requests from The Cord’s Section Editors; 
  • Take any requests that volunteers can’t;  
  • Assist in Cord production specifically with editing photos for print and web;  
  • Ensure online photo albums are consistently updated;  
  • Edit videos and photos using Final Cut Pro/Photoshop for their volunteers and section editors who shoot their own footage;  
  • Train video volunteers to help in the editing process and filming of events to get multiple angles;  
  • Ensure consistent communication with the section editors and EIC about photos;  
  • Contribute a photo of the week when a photo is exemplary;  
  • Share photos for use on social media pages;  
  •  Attend weekly Editorial Board meetings. 
  • Communicate regularly with EIC, Creative Director and Multimedia & Website Director. 

When using social media in regards to The Cord or WLUSP, the Photo Editors are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner; 

Applicants are expected to provide one (1) sample photograph and (1) sample short video/video clip they have taken and edited.