Party chair platforms

Sean Gallagher: Student Refugee Program (SRP

Throughout our world, millions of people are living displaced or exiled from their home countries and are forced to depend on international aid in refugee camps. The Student Refugee Program (SRP) at Laurier addresses part of this problem by offering scholarships to refugee students to study on our campus. It is believed that empowering students through educationThis program is coordinated by an active World University Services of Canada (WUSC) committee on our campus and is currently sponsoring 5 students on our campus. The SRP is asking members of WLUSU to consider the proposed new fee to increase support for the program, which would effectively double the number of students that can be sponsored through the program. The fee would be present on the tuition statement of every full-time undergraduate student. WUSC is also working with the Brantford local committee to have an SRP student attend Laurier’s Brantford campus next year. Please forward any questions about the organization to

Aneesh Lal: SBESS

The SBE faculty-based referendum question aims to raise the fee from $15 to $21.25 per term (literally less than 4 coffees from Timmies!). The past fee has been in place for 5 years and is buying less every year. As a result, our quality, conferences & competitions and overall presence in the business community have suffered. In order for us to recoup this loss and bring the SBE back to the purple and gold standard we need to vote yes to this increase. FYI, Laurier SBE has one of the lowest levy fees in the country. If we want to continue our success, maintain strong relationships with employers and maximize our potential then we must vote yes to the increase.

Matthew Rice: Student Life Levy (Fitness Center expansion)

The Student Life Levy is responsible for the enhancement of student life at Laurier. When you choose to Say YES to the renewal of the Student Life Levy agreement, it has been decided that $5 million will be put towards the Fitness Center expansion. The Wilfrid Laurier Fitness Center is one of the most visited areas of our campus with 13,000 individuals using the facility on a weekly basis. Looking even closer, during peak hours in the Fitness Center (2pm – 10pm) there are on average 200 users every hour. With the student population at Laurier increasing, the lack of available space in the Fitness Center can no longer be overlooked. Lines to use equipment are getting longer, floor space is limited and several machines are in need of an upgrade.

Voting will open 8 a.m. on Feb. 3 and close Feb. 4 at 8 p.m. To vote, please click here.