Part-time MBA students included

Re: “Part-time MBAs upset with GSA fees,” Jan. 27

The views in this article represent a small minority of MBA students. The majority of part-time students from all programs have made use of GSA services and supports.

The GSA did inform part-time students of their pending membership last year.

Discussions around part-time students began in the summer and were advertised to the student body at large in the winter, when the GSA added three part-time students to its Board of Directors.

Between these students (all MBAs), frequent e-mails to WLU accounts, and the GSA website, part-time students were kept informed. Health plan claims from part-time students, after only five months, have been staggering. Opt-in health plans are not financially feasible, as they would increase costs dramatically.

Further, it took students an average of only three minutes to complete the online opt-out. We have and will continue to ask them to let us know what services would be of most use to them, and we will continue to advocate on their behalf on all university committees.

If you are a part-time student and you have concerns, please visit the GSA website at and/or contact your Board representative.

–Melany Banks,
WLUGSA President