Oscars: Silver Linings Playbook

(Lena Yang -- Graphics Artist)
(Lena Yang — Graphics Artist)

Very rarely do you come across a romantic comedy that is touching, accessible to all viewers and filled with great acting. Most Rom-Coms boast bad acting with schmoozy plot lines and tearjerker moments. Silver Linings Playbook certainly breaks this cinematic mould. The story follows Pat Jr. (Bradley Cooper) on his road to recovery after being put in a mental institution for assaulting the man who was having an affair with his wife. He finds solace in Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) a recently widowed woman who challenges him to compete with her in a dance competition in exchange for a chance to rekindle his marriage with his now ex-wife.
The on-screen talent in Playbook is outstanding, being the first movie to be nominated for all four acting awards since Reds in 1981. Cooper and Lawrence are both incredible at portraying characters with mental illnesses, honestly showing bipolar disorder without parodying it.  Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver are also both nominated for their performances as Pat Jr.’s parents. Broadening the spectrum of mental illness portrayed, De Niro’s character shows signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and is an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan and gambler. When these passions clash with Pat Jr. dance competition, there is tension.
Cooper is the surprise talent in this film with this being his first Oscar nomination (that’s right, he wasn’t nominated for The Hangover). With eight Oscar nominations, this film promises to be a contender for the top spot. On a final note, Chris Tucker is in this movie. This is his first appearance since Rush Hour 3 and I’ve got to say, thank God for that.


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