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Cord-o-scopes: May edition

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20): Looking for a Bradley Cooper this month? Looks like you might get a Zach Galifianakis instead. Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20): Getting a little addicted to Snapchat? Put the phone down and make a face at the person next to you. Cancer (Jun 21 –July 22): This is your summer for a fling! […]

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(Lena Yang -- Graphics Artist)

Oscars: Silver Linings Playbook

Very rarely do you come across a romantic comedy that is touching, accessible to all viewers and filled with great acting. Most Rom-Coms boast bad acting with schmoozy plot lines and tearjerker moments. Silver Linings Playbook certainly breaks this cinematic mould. The story follows Pat Jr. (Bradley Cooper) on his road to recovery after being put in a mental institution […]

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(graphic by Mitchell Cheeseman).

Weight loss eating

Hold up, stop the presses everybody. It has come to my attention that there is a way to eat food to lose weight. Seriously? I could have been eating this whole time to lose weight? If I had known that, I would have been mowing down faster than Honey Boo-Boo at the Mandarin. The only catch is that you have […]

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The Carnivore’s Conundrum: Tips from the TV

It is obvious that the media has some impact on an individual’s body image. With ads plastered everywhere for weight loss and diet plans, the subject of eating disorders come into play among both men and women. However, in recent years, there have been excellent TV programs that encourage proper eating and healthy weight loss. X-weighted, Bulging Brides and The […]

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(Photo by Kate Turner)

The Carnivore’s Conundrum: Japanese Cooking

Konnichiwa! This week in the Carnivore’s Conundrum I tried my hand at Japanese cooking. Now, as a 6”2, white, I am not Japanese in the least, so cooking food that was not in my comfort zone was a challenge to say the least. Japanese cooking is flavourful and for the most part, healthy. There is a great book to check […]

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The Carnivore’s Conundrum: Reward yourself

With mid-term season upon us, it is important as ever to keep calm and carry on. Midterms stress each of us out in different ways. Some prefer to get drunk and crazy and forget we have them. Some like to hole up in their rooms and not emerge until ten minutes before their exams. If you’re like me, you curl […]

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Cyber-bullying tough to monitor

The face of residence life is constantly changing. As different generations pass through the halls of different residences at Wilfrid Laurier University, different challenges, opportunities and rewards are posed. In particular, technology has played a major role in the ever-varying world that is experienced while living in residence. Sheldon Pereira has been a part of Res Life since 2004 when […]

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(Graphic by Steph Truong)

The Carnivore’s Conundrum: Hitting the gym

If you’re like me and don’t like lifting weights, counting reps or just working out at all, then the wellness pass is the perfect alternative to getting yourself to the Athletic Complex more than once this semester. After already owning a wellness pass, a membership that enables you to go to as many aerobics classes as you please during the […]

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What has Instagram done to us?

When a group of people get together anything can happen. They can build a mars rover. They can build a house for someone in need. Or, as in most cases, they can get drunk and do stupid things. Now 20, even as early as 30 years ago, when events like this had taken place, a few pictures would have been […]

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Amish paradise

Well, slap a bonnet on me and call me Amish. In honour of my new favourite show Breaking Amish on TLC, Oktoberfest and Thanksgiving, this week on the Carnivore’s Conundrum the challenge was three-fold and Amish-themed. For those that don’t know, Amish people are a sect of Christianity that believes in being humble. Their religion ties into the refusal of […]

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