Oct. 7, 2009

“Today’s stupidity cost us.”
–Men’s soccer coach Mario Halapir following the Hawks 2-2 draw with Windsor on Saturday.

“They’re not there to appreciate the décor, they’re there to learn.”
–Carol Kego, co-ordinator for Laurier’s Interior Design & Renovation department, speaking about what students need from the design on their university.

“She basically led me to feel that those things are necessary, like a chocolate fountain is necessary and a DJ and a nice hall and decorations because that’s what the Laurier student body expects.”
–2008-09 Charity Ball sponsorship executive Brieanna Harburn, on expressing her concerns about overspending for the annual event.

“No matter what the donation, it’s a donation and it is something fantastic that our students have done, and there’s no reason why we would want to hide that or make it difficult for students to find.”
–WLUSU president Laura Sheridan responding to the difficulties of getting a copy of the students’ union 2008-09 budget.

“I’m like Batman and Bruce Wayne.”
–The mystery student hired by Laurier Athletics to perform as the Hawk mascot.

“Oops, I did it again.”
–Laurier president Max Blouw after changing slides too quickly during a presentation.