Oct. 6, 2010

The number of alumni is mind boggling.”
—Robert Langen, class of 1948 and a professor at Laurier from 1954 to
1984, regarding the growth of the

“I fear that if there is anything left, it may not be worth reading.”
—Geoffrey Stevens, Laurier professor of political science and former managing editor of the Globe and Mail and Macleans re: the future of the newspaper

“The dead is not a legal entity. They’re dead. They’re gone.”
—Michael De Souza re: taking photos of the deceased from Facebook

“This kid comes up to me and says ‘there’s this band that sounds just like Green Day. They’re called the Ramones.”
—Alan Cross, radio host of The Ongoing History of New Music

“I live for recognition.”
—Director Ted Brown, WLUSU board

“I listen to music for a living and I can’t keep up.”
—Alan Cross, re: the fast-paced nature of the modern music industry

“It all comes down to initiative and what you are prepared to learn.”
—Chris Berube, new media co-ordinator for Canadian University Press on new media

“There’s nothing to hold you back from living your dream.”
—Aaron Goodman, Canadian award-winning video journalist