Oct. 21, 2009


5 years: Radio Laurier breaks listener record at 64

On Sept. 29, 2004 the show “Universally Known” shattered the records for Radio Laurier listeners with 64, the most the system could support at the time. The previous record was 35. The DJs of the show were sponsored by Universal Records, which shipped them the latest urban CDs.

Printed Oct. 20, 2004

25 years: Business TA axed

The head teaching assistant for the class Business 211 was fired over a dispute that occurred with a well-known advertizing firm, J. Walter Thompson. The incident was related to an event at a career information session, where the student made a comment to president of the firm. The student, a fourth-year business major, commented that the firm’s representative at the career fair lacked professionalism and encouragement. Peterson’s comment began a chain of inappropriate comments that ultimately led to his firing.

Printed Oct. 25, 1984

50 years: Engineering publication merges with The Cord

The Cord officially became a campus-wide paper, when the two engineering societies dropped their bi-weekly publication Enginews to join The Cord. Though friction had previously developed between the Enginews and The Cord, a new council wanted to forget past differences. It was decided that one campus-wide newspaper would help unify the students and give the campus a more homogenous look.

Printed Oct. 23, 1959

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