Nov. 4, 2009

5 years: Laurier introduces co-curricular record

Laurier launched the co-curricular record, officially recognizing the volunteer efforts of students on campus. This record was an official transcript of volunteer positions held during a student’s time at Laurier that would go along with their academic transcript.

Students expressed frustrations because the record only listed positions from groups such as the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union, Laurier Athletics, Student Services, the Faculty of Arts and Residential Services, and therefore many groups were left out. Community positions were also not included on the record.

Printed Nov. 3, 2004

25 years: Laurier food services under investigation

The dining hall was accused of mismanagement, negligence, unfair labour practices and serving tainted meat. The charges come from an employee who was laid off after working for food services for two years.

Alleged charges against the manager of the dining hall include allegations that the she was washing and dying her hair in the kitchen sinks, having staff run personal errands for her on university time and that she had been serving meat that had been discarded by other cooks, as well as freezer burnt meat and products that were re-frozen.

Printed Nov. 1, 1984

50 years: Thief steals knives and door from campus

A student, believed to be in engineering, stole several knives from the dining hall. He left a note saying they are located in a locker at C.N.R station in Kitchener. On his way off campus, the thief also stopped to steal the door to Conrad Hall, which was later found on the lawn of one of the authorities.

Printed Nov. 6, 1959