Nov. 3, 2010

“There’s something terribly attractive about information about
other people.”

—Aimée Morrison, assistant professor of English at the University of Waterloo re: Facebook

“No one really wants to live in downtown Hamilton, right?”

—Zac Spicer on student housing issues at McMaster University and why students need to participate in local politics

“All the elements in any given day will influence how that song gets recorded, including whether you ate granola or Froot Loops for breakfast.”

—Jason Collett on the randomness of songwriting/recording

“Now we just care about opening a box and adding water and stirring, we need to get back to the basics.”

—Ryan Lloyd-Craig, director of Food Services on how food prep in the Dining Hall is moving towards organic and local produce

“I’m Italian so I’ve pretty much always been the back-up kicker by default.”

—Giancarlo Rapanaro, Laurier football linebacker re: taking over as kicker