Nov. 17, 2010

“It’s what I always wanted to do. I didn’t want to be on the cover of the
Rolling Stone, I just wanted to make

—Royal Wood

“I think they should be told to leave and let us get on with it.”

—Pauline Campbell, Waterloo resident re: protest

“You can’t defend yourself against allegations like that, it’s like asking somebody ‘ when did you stop beating your wife?’ so I’m not going to dignify that with an answer.”

—Christie Blatchford, Globe and Mail columnist re: allegations her columns are racist

“She already has the Globe and Mail, she already has access to CTV whenever she wants, but in our community, racist views and views that support racist ideologies and projects of xenophobic ideas, there’s no place for that in the community especially in an academic setting.”

—Dan Kellar, Laurier alumnus re: Christie Blatchford

“I feel so energized and invigorated, inspired and it was a long campaign you know it started in January for me … so now it’s 2 weeks after the election and we’re ready to get everything back on track.”

—Mayor Brenda Halloran re: the mayor’s student advisory committee (MSAC)