Noise complaints flood in as Ever After draws to a close

The Ever After Music Festival, which draws in crowds of thousands every year to Bingemans, also drew in hundreds of noise complaints from city residents, as reported by The Record.

Kitchener residents filed 97 noise complaints on Sunday evening, the final day of the festival.

June 2, the first day of the festival, police only received 17 complaints through phone calls and emails. There were reportedly no noise complaints on the Saturday evening, except for one that came in after the event was over.

Photo by Tristan Renaud

According to The Record, the festival was granted a noise bylaw exemption by city council to allow up to 65 decibels in residential areas. The festival ran until 11 p.m. each night.

While the maximum noise level was not exceeded, complaints still came in from city residents.

“We plan a comprehensive review of this event, reviewing our own data as well as data and feedback from Waterloo Region Police, before we make any decisions,” said the city’s director of bylaw enforcement, Gloria MacNeil in an email to The Cord.

“We will be considering resident feedback as part of that review, and we will be debriefing with the event promoter and the venue host to discuss this event.”

Ever After drew approximately 10,000 individuals on the first night, 17,000 on Saturday and 12-14,000 on Sunday.

According to festival founder Gabriel Mattacchione, as reported in The Record, there were problems scanning wristbands during the festival. He said the ticketing company reconciliation shows that over 25,000 attendees were let into the festival each day.

Mattacchione told The Record the event plans to continue in the same location the following year.

“Kitchener and Waterloo is our home,” said Mattacchione to The Record.

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