NFL mid-season report

Player safety and fines

Steelers’ linebacker James Harrison is the poster boy for NFL fines, but several helmet-to-helmet hits have forced the NFL to crack down on player safety. Concussions and their long-term effects are a hot topic, so this issue won’t go away any time soon. The league wants to protect its star offensive players and hard-hitting defenders are paying the price.

Randy Moss’s demise

Moss is declared by many to be the most gifted receiver of all time, as well as statistically one of the top receivers in NFL history. Unanimously, Moss is considered to have a big mouth and often act like an idiot. After two bizarre press conferences and transactions, he will suit up for an NFL record 3rd team this season when he joins the Tennessee Titans. Moss’s attitude can’t be tolerated due to decreased production.

Super Bowl chumps

The New Orleans Saints were near perfect last season, winning the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion and making the “Who Dat” nation finally proud. This year has been different as Drew Brees and company have stumbled, standing at 6-3, and in second place in the NFC South.

The Michael Vick show

He was supposed to be a backup; instead, he revived his career and has been the comeback player of the year.

The Brett Favre debacle

Everyone’s favorite Wrangler Jeans spokesman opted to return for a 20th NFL season, and his second with the Vikings, a decision he has to be regretting now. Minnesota stands at a rough 3-5, Favre has countless injuries and, to make matters worse, he is in the midst of an NFL investigation over sexually explicit voice messages and photos sent to a former Jets employee.

The fall of the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys were picked by almost everyone to contend for the Super Bowl this season. Instead, they are 1-7, playing some of the worst football imaginable, and will have a new coaching staff next season. They’re also looking to Jon Kitna at quarterback for the near future with Tony Romo’s recent injury. America’s team has so far been nothing but losers.

Rise of the dead

Last year, the St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs were all laughing-stocks of the league. This season, they are all winning games and, so far, appear to be playoff contenders.

No Ben, no problem

Coming into the season, Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for the seasons’ first four games and everyone thought if the Steelers could somehow win a game they would be fine. Instead, they came out 3-1 and hardly missed a beat without Ben. Now with him, they look as good as ever.

Coaches feel the heat

With Wade Phillips already out of a job in Dallas, 49ers’ coach Mike Singletary shouldn’t be far behind. However, the likes of Brad Childress (Minnesota), Lovie Smith (Chicago), Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati), Josh McDaniels (Denver) and Eric Mangini (Cleveland) can try and save their jobs with a strong second half of the season.

Emerging rookies

Sam Bradford in St. Louis and Ndamukong Suh in Detroit have shown their potential, while Earl Thomas (Seattle), Nate Allen (Philadelphia), Joe Haden (Cleveland), Dez Bryant (Dallas), Jahvid Best (Detroit) and others have showed a great deal of promise.