News in Brief: Jan. 27, 2010

GSA space improvements

Upgrades funded by the graduate students’ association were made over the summer to graduate student workspaces, providing new paint and furniture as well as fridges and bulletin boards.

In addition, they are currently working on acquiring new computers for the students.
While each department provides their own workspace for students, not all are equal in size or comfort.

The improvements were intended to ensure that each space provided an area conducive to both individual work and group interaction.

–Compiled by Andrea Millet

Students place first in ethics at MBA competition

Four Wilfrid Laurier MBA students, Sasha Hennebury, David Chen, Leah Milne and Julian Mason-Espin, placed first in an ethics competition during the 2010 MBA Games.

The goal of the event was to raise environmental awareness, with the students raising $2000 and donating over 300 prescription glasses for children to the Vision Infantile charity.

The Laurier students also worked to encourage others to stop using disposable cups and plastic water bottles.

The MBA games cover three areas of competition: academic, athletic and spirit, and Laurier had a total of 40 students competing this year.

–Compiled by Andrea Millet

E. coli update

After news that several students and a staff member had contracted E. coli bacteria last week, inspectors searched Laurier’s food services on campus and discovered nothing that violated the health codes.

According to dean of students David McMurray, there have been no further updates as to the source of the bacteria; however, investigators continue to search within the city for the cause of the illness.

– Lauren Millet

Business Olympics

40 students from Laurier’s school of business and economics program traveled to Toronto this past weekend to compete in what has been named the ‘business Olympics’, hosted at Ryerson University.

Last year Laurier took home the “Ontario School of the Year” award, and now faces high expectations as they compete against nine other schools for the top prize.

The team has been practicing for the past six months under co-captains Hani Migally and Mike Zeagman.

–Compiled by Andrea Millet

Laurier hosts discussion on rebuilding Haiti

Two Laurier professors, Dr. Timothy Donais and Dr. Yasmine Shamsie, will be hosting a roundtable discussion on rebuilding Haiti, two weeks after the earthquake struck.

While aid and relief work progresses, this discussion will look at where we now need to turn our attention to and what challenges are likely to arise as Haiti rebuilds.

The discussion will be held today in room 1C18 in Wilfrid Laurier University’s arts wing at 4:00 p.m.

–Complied by Andrea Millet